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Mashou Megane: May Cool-B Info

So the big reveal this month was the cast and the fact that they’re planning a Summer 2016 release. Most of the guys are situation CD VAs. When the Cool-B staff wonders if the game will end up being unexpectedly “normal” based on what they’ve released so far, apparently PIL-VAMP replied, “Oh no, we’re just hiding it still!” Here’s the cast list: Akazawa Karen (Protag): Ayumi Sara (歩サラ) Oujisama:Sawa Manaka (佐和真中 who, if I’m not mistaken, is Nakazawa Masatomo 中澤まさとも?) Peach:Shinzenryoku (Apparently that’s how you read 深川緑) Cider:Kuroi Yuu (黒井勇) Doutei:Yajima Noboru (やじまのぼる or his EGS page) Old Man: Inde Goro (井出五郎) Old…

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Mashou Megane – Archive Post

The first game from PIL-VAMP, a new R18 otome brand spun off from the BL brand Pil/Slash. The lead scenario-writer was one of the late additions to the Pigeon Blood staff (which may not bode terribly well for this…?). Staff concerns aside it sounds like a fun title. PIL-VAMP say they’re already planning a second title too. Title: Mashou Megane (“Magical Glasses” I can’t think of a catchy TL so I’m just leaving it) Developer: PIL-VAMP Art: Kotomi Youji Scenario: Kyan Yonesuke Producer: Kinyama Jun Release date: TBA Platform: Windows Website: Premise The protagonist is a college student who is in the middle…

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