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Parade’s new game: Room No. 9

Haven’t blogged in a million years but I wanted to put info on this somewhere:


Parade, developers of No, Thank You!!! sorta pre-announced their new game with a postcard recently.

I’m guessing there was more info on the back because 2ch also reports that it’s a mid-price title––so a 4000 yen range rather than an 8000 yen range game (so probably shorter/fewer routes).

Title: Room No. 9
Planning/direction/script: Amemiya Mitsuru
Art: Nikaido Shino
Scenario: Sawa Masaki
Release date: Summer 2016
Tagline: “I wish we could have stayed friends.” (or something like that idk context)

Both Amemiya and Sawa are back from NTY!!!. Sawa was the writer on Hiroyuki’s route so that might be an indicator of the feel. No Hamashima this time though. /blog/ speculates that Nikaido is probably Norizane (a newer ClockUp employee, mostly has done SD artwork, but was the lead on Natsu no Kusari recently) under a penname and I’m inclined to believe it. Nikaido did the 2016 NTY!!! new year’s card:

1458906971212 CePZeZqUEAAqNOA

For comparison here’s some of Norizane’s SD work for Maggot Baits:


A teaser site is supposed to be going up next week, with more info in the next issue of Cool-B (out April 4th) and a full site up around May.

On the NTY!!! front, Amemiya’s been apologizing profusely about being slow on the drama CD. They’re still intent on getting that done though. The OVA’s status is pretty questionable at this point. Apparently even Parade isn’t sure what’s up with it right now (ClockUp seems to have split from HobiBox in the last year or so, so maybe there’s some issue there).

On a more general blog note, I might do some posts when Cool-B’s out with info on Masho Megane and The Salvation of Patient S because why not maybe BL/otome isn’t kill after all.

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  1. haruu haruu

    Thank you very much for this info! I’ve become a fan of Parade since NTY came out! I’m happy the’re making a new game, but I’m still really curious/worried about the NTY OVA. So there’s still no clear answer whether this is discontinued? I hope it isn’t~~ >_<;; I would be really nice to see it animated u_u,
    Also your blog seems interesting, so I'm gonna stalk it (^w^) I hope you don't mind ;p

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