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Interesting things from the Cool-B September TOC

This is barely a real post but it’d be annoying to write about on Twitter, so, without further ado, a half-assed blog post.

Cool-B put up the TOC for their next issue, which’ll be out next week. There’s a bunch of interesting stuff in this issue, like a number of new games:

復讐帝国 “Revenge Empire” (or something like that)
A new game from HolicWorks (LoveDelivery/Tyrant parent company, though under a new label which isn’t named in the TOC preview) with art by ero-manga artist Mizuryu Kei. It’s described as a sex-heavy BL game with a seme protagonist. Sounds like we might have a trend here.

樟屋敷(くすのきやしき)の物語 ~秘密のお帳面~ “The Tale of Kusunoki Mannor ~ The Secret Diary ~” (or something like that)
This is PIL-VAMP’s second title. Described as a super-duper-duper sexy otome game without anything traumatic! With art by Yasuda Shinogu and script by Horikawa Goboko (You may remember those names from Ouka Otsu‘s staff. RIP in pieces Ouka.)

Not really familiar with the devs of the other two new titles and they don’t sound super interesting from the short blurbs.

Room No. 9 Stuff:
There’s an illustration (it’s been posted around a bit already, the one of Daichi and Seiji shopping). As you might have guessed from the picture the accompanying short story is a prequel about the two of them getting ready for the trip. The feature will announce the cast, have at least one new event CG and some comments from Amemiya.

Patient S Stuff:
New illustration again, this one is another “romantic” scene but with Manabu this time. The feature will be revealing the first H CG for the game.

No note of Ouka being in this issue at all (double RIP). N+C’s only presence is announcing Windows 10 updates to their previous titles.

Anyway, obviously there’s lots of other stuff, but that’s what caught my eye.



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