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Room No. 9: Rules of the Game

The Room No. 9 site updated with what looks to be a complete outline of the rules of the “game”––I mean, experiment. Also of note (although somewhat old news now), the game has a release date: September 30th. Voice actors will be announced next week in Cool-B. Amemiya mentioned on twitter that the staff’s favorite pick for Daichi was rejected in favor of their #2 pick because he fit Amemiya’s vision of the character better while Amemiya agreed with their #1 for Seiji. Anyway, I guess we’ll find out who they are next week!

I’m bored so here’s a translation of the rules:


Good morning.

You have been chosen to participate in a behavioral analysis study.

Every day, you will complete one task presented on this screen and in return you will secure 10 points and rations for three meals for the following day.

100 points are required to complete this study.

For additional details, please consult the “Details” section on the left.

*Meals will be provided for free on the first day.
*If you take any action to disrupt the experiment, you may be subject to a point penalty and/or meal rations you have earned may be withheld.
*If either subject is confirmed dead, regardless of the cause, the study will end.



The researchers conducting this study will provide all the materials and expertise they are able to preserve the life and health of the experiment subjects; however, do note that this is not out of concern for the subjects’ lives or human rights.

Further, experiment subjects will not be compensated for any injury caused by subjects of the experiment. The researchers have no intention of interfering with the lives of experiment subjects once the study has concluded.

Experimental Procedure

Every day at midnight, you will be presented with several tasks to choose from. Completing the selected task before the day ends will earn you three rations for the following day and ten points.

Tools and instructions required to complete the task will be provided.

In situations in which completion of the task may not be immediately clear, the researchers will make a determination visually through cameras installed in the suite. Should they determine that the conditions of the task have not been fulfilled, you will not earn any points. Should this happen, please attempt the task again that day.

Once you complete your selected task, completing additional tasks that day will not earn you additional points.

You may change your task selection before completion of a given task.

Please consult the “Current Tasks” section on the left for details on specific tasks.

Current Tasks

☑ Task 1: Subject B extracts 600ml of blood from Subject A

Subject B will please utilize the provided blood drawing equipment to extract 600ml of blood from Subject A.
>Read more detailed instructions regarding blood drawing procedure.

Perform this task

☐ Task 2: Subject A extracts seminal fluid from Subject B

The End of the Study

The study will end if the subjects request to end the study after collecting the requisite number of points, or in the event of a subject’s death.

After the study is over, your personal belongings and any compensation the researchers deem necessary will be delivered to your desired point of return.

You may designate your desired point of return in the “Settings” section in the menu on the left.

The default point of return is “home, or near home”.

This setting may only be changed by each subject personally.

In the Event of A Subject’s Death

If, in the event of a subject’s death, the number of living subjects in the test chamber falls below two individuals, the study will end. Further, you may select the method by which your remains will be disposed in the event of your death in advance.

You may designate your desired disposal method in the “Settings” section in the menu on the left.

The default setting is “internment on private land after cremation at this facility”.

This setting may only be changed by each subject personally.

Point Usage

You may utilize the points you earn to indulge in luxuries during the course of the experiment.

You may consult the “Point Usage Details” section on the left for additional information about required point amounts and their usage.

Similarly, the end of the trial may be requested in the “Point Usage Details” section.

Delivery of Items ①

Delivery of any items needed for survival or for the completion of tasks, as well as items procured through the use of points will occur in the exchange room. The exchange chamber is a roughly five foot square space on the other side of a door located near the exit to the testing chamber.

The exchange chamber locks and unlocks automatically. Subjects cannot unlock the exchange chamber manually. Further, new items cannot be supplied while the door is open or a subject is inside the chamber. Please cooperate and keep the door to the chamber closed and do not enter the chamber except when necessary.

Please make use of the laundry bin for clothing that requires laundering and the waste bin for disposal of unwanted items. Generally, clothing will be cleaned and returned within 24 hours of collection.

Delivery of Items ②

At 0800, 1300, and 1900 meals will be provided according to a fixed menu. The exchange chamber will remain open for three hours after delivery of meals. Once you have finished eating, please return your utensils to the chamber while it remains open. Any untouched food will be recovered at the end of the three hours as well.

If you do not wish to eat your meal within three hours of its delivery, please take the meal and keep it inside the test chamber.

The minimum amount of calories required for survival will be provided for free.

Please consult the “Point Usage Details” section for additional information.

*You may use points to change meal times and request off-menu meals.
*If it is determined that a subject is over-consuming freely provided food items, points may be taken in compensation.

Violations and Penalties

Deliberately damaging furniture and equipment, lingering excessively in the exchange chamber, attempts to escape the experiment chamber and other activities that would disrupt the study may result in reduction of points or withholding of food earned by completing tasks without prior notice.

Availability of Data to Other Test Chambers

There are other groups at this institution conducting other studies. You may also earn points by voluntarily publicizing data from your test chamber to other chambers. You may only view data on other test chambers if both this chamber and the other chamber’s privacy settings are set to “public”.

Once you set data to “public”, you may not return it to private status.

You may view other chambers’ data and make changes to your privacy settings under the “Data Overview” section available in the menu to the left.


  1. If I’m not mistaken, the Public/Private test chamber settings is new information for us about the game. That’s really interesting – I look forward to seeing how that will affect the story.

    Thank you for the translation!

    • Good_Haro Good_Haro

      Yeah, they haven’t mentioned that before as far as I remember.

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