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Fukushu Teikoku / Revenge Empire

The debut game from a new brand of Holicworks (parent company of LoveDelivery and TYRANT), hobibox/fetish, Fukushu Teikoku – Revenge Empire (or something like that idk, I’m going w/ the romanji for now). Like I mentioned before in my other blurbs on this game, the big draw is that it’s got art by eromanga artist, Mizuryu Kei. It’s set to be a sex-heavy game with a seme protagonist. I’m intrigued, though I do kinda wish the space nazis looked a little more space and a little less nazi, but these are early character designs, so they might change.

Title: 復讐帝国 / Fukushu Teikoku “Revenge Empire”
Brand: hobibox/fetish (under Holicworks)
Art: Mizuryu Kei
Script: TBA
Voices: TBA
Price: 3,000 yen
Release Date: Planned for April 2017

A lot of the setting stuff sounds really rough/vague (idk maybe it’s just me but this doesn’t sound like a polished PR blurb––they don’t even have a writer yet so it makes sense though), so I wouldn’t be surprised if it ends up changing a bit as production gets further along. But basically it sounds like a LoGH Gaiden episode… with porn. Anyway here’s the concrete, non-interview stuff:


Interstellar war breaks out as [other] planets are colonized. It’s an age of war among the stars. There’s the Empire and the Republic. The protagonist belongs to the Empire. He’s a soldier, a nobleman holding a rank somewhere around lieutenant. He’s a young instructor in charge of training new recruits, particularly the mental component of their training. Consequently he is adept at hypnosis and neuro-linguistic programming* among other things, so he has the ability to use words and gestures to make a target act as he pleases. …However, one day, the unit lead by the protagonist is annihilated in battle. War in this period is fleet warfare, so many were killed in battle or missing in action. A court martial found him responsible and he was sentenced to ten years imprisonment, and, in accordance with the law of the land** [the protagonist’s] family was also charged for his crimes. The protagonist is plunged into despair, but he’s offered a deal under the table––if he gets two major players in the Republic’s army to cooperate with the Empire, his conviction will be vacated. He agrees to the terms, despite his growing suspicion of the Empire, but the means of [securing the enemies’ cooperation] is by controlling them with pleasure.

The Relationship Between Empire and Republic

The Republic was formed by citizens of the Empire who defected due to it’s strict class system. However, the leaders who founded the Republic became a sort of nobility in their own right, keeping the class distinctions in place. That said, were the short-lived nobility to be destroyed, presently there is no one powerful enough to lead the Republic in their absence. The Empire has long-since desired to retake the Republic and rule its people once more, turning it into an imperial colony. On the other hand, as many of those who participated in the initial break-off of the Republic from the Empire were soldiers, both countries’ military strength is roughly equal. Presently, hostilities between the two countries are at a bit of a lull.

*会話術 is probably not quite that specific but given the context of hypnosis and special SF military skills it sounded better to me
**連座制度 this is way more specific in JP but I’m not sure what the right term is in English and it’s explained in the line anyway, but this is the term for a feature of the legal system for “guilt by association”


Wilfried Helmut (Protagonist)
Height: 5’11” (180cm)
Age: 27
Bloodtype: B
Rank: First Lieutenant in the König Reich Imperial Space Force
Family: Parents and a little sister. His sister was separated from them when she was about 16. His family gets along well.

He’s also exclusively seme (except possibly in some bad ends).

Günter Von Weißenburg
Height: 5’10” (177cm)
Age: 30
Bloodtype: AB
Blond hair, blue eyes.
Rank: Major in the Republican Space Guard
Family: Grandparents, parents, two older sisters.

He may be the eldest son, but as the youngest child in the family he was  doted upon; however, he had a strict upbringing to be able to shoulder the burden of his status as a nobleman. As you might expect of a member of the nobility he’s extremely domineering. As a former member of the Empire’s nobility, there’s a bit of friction between him and members of the Republic’s nobility, but his brilliant mind and ability as a soldier puts them in their place once they come face-to-face with him. He has one battalion, so winning Günter over would come with a substantial boost in military force. He’s a distant relative of the protagonist, so initiating contact should be easy. He has a fiancee.

Rafael Von Fortner Feuerbach
Height: 5’9″ (176cm)
Medium build
Age: 25
Bloodtype: O
Rank: Lieutenant Colonel in the Republican Space Guard
Both parents, grandmother, older brother

He has a long name because he’s insecure about the nobility and wanted to to give off an ostentatious impression. He was a member of the lower class back in the Empire, but he became a member of the Republic’s nobility of his own initiative. There are rumors that he bought his rank of lieutenant colonel. He’s wealthy and owns a number of facilities, so winning him over would earn the Empire a number of locations for secret bases.

Baldur Hiltmann (Side Character)
Height: 6’2″ (188cm)
Age: 39
Bloodtype: A
Rank: Sergent in the Republican Space Guard

A self-made soldier. He’s very beefy. He was a soldier back in the Empire, but hated class  discrimination and was one of the disaffected [who defected to form the Republic]. He quietly swore revenge against the Empire because he lost his wife in battle. He’s a side character with sex scenes.

From Cool-B Vol. 69:

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  1. prprmeister prprmeister

    Oh wow, I found this site by pure coincidence (was searching for more info on Room no.9) and I’m damn glad I did. A BL game with Mizuryu Kei as the artist? It’s like in my wildest dreams, I always thought that Mizuryu Kei’s guys looked delicious and thought that I’d like to see some guy-on-guy action by him.
    Anyway, thanks for your awesome work!

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