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Cool-B September 2016 Dump

I’m lazy so here’s stuff from this month’s Cool-B. I’ll probably fill in some details/commentary later:

復讐帝国 / Revenge Kingdom

Interviews feature Mizuryu talking about how he got himself into this (apparently he went through a BL phase about 10 years ago and read stuff like Sukisho and Gakuen Heaven) and HolicWorks giving some general overview stuff (no real plot details, but stuff like seme protag, might end up uke in some bad ends, etc). No scenario writer announced yet. There’s some setting outline stuff but it’s all on this horrible green that is making my eyeballs bleed so I’ll have to force myself to read it later.

There are three characters with H scenes (whether this translates to routes it’s not entirely clear, but the way they’re described it sounds like 2 main + a sub character). It’s a 3,000 yen title and voices are planned. It’s probably fairly short.

樟屋敷(くすのきやしき)の物語 ~秘密のお帳面~ / “The Tale of Kusunoki Mannor ~ The Secret Diary ~”

Pil-VAMP’s second game. Featuring art by Yasuda Shinogu and script by Horikawa Goboko the people behind Ouka Otsu (which has indeed vanished off the face of the magazine). It’s main selling point is described as “lots of porn”. Looks like it’s three routes again. I haven’t gotten around to reading most of the article yet but the MC sounds p. lol, her quote is, “Um, has something been inserted in the crotch [of your pants]? The area seems to have swollen quite suddenly.”

Les Grande Odalisque

The first game from Kalmia8’s new sister brand, Kalmia Scarlet. The concept for the new brand is that Kalmia8 is mid-price titles (4k yen range, shorter like Bocchimusume) and Kalmia Scarlet will be for full price titles (8k yen range, full-length). It looks hella pretty and apparently there are two protags. Planning by 加納高子 / Kanou Takako (one of GALTIA‘s many writers), art by 泉渼てーぬ / Izumi Teenu, and scenario by 加納高子 / Kanou Takako and 一二階 / Ninomae Nikai (one of GALTIA‘s other writers, and also worked on both halves of Kamisama (Kari)).

The writing team honestly does not inspire much confidence, but the art looks great!

The Salvation of Patient S

The big thing this month is the reveal of the first H-CG and a sample scene to go with it. Fairly self-explanatory.

Mashou Megane

Walkthrough (I think you’d have to be pretty dumb to need it for this game), scene samples, and a cute short story featuring Doutei. Not much of actual note.

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