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An Overview of BL Games

Here’s a (non-exhaustive, but pretty thorough list) of BL games that exist! I was going to write something about trends and whatnot but wanted to do at least some cursory fact checking to make sure I wasn’t just basing my observations on a skewed data set (i.e. only games I actually pay attention to), so I threw this together since VNDB and EGS are both shit when it comes to 女性向け titles (VNDB surprisingly had listings for almost all of these, but the way the tags are, pulling a list like this out of VNDB would have been awful). I already forgot what I was going to write about/got distracted by interesting things while putting the list together, so I’ll probably get to that later!

This is like 95% straight from Cool-B’s list of titles eligible for their BL Game Awards (I’d link the page but they took it down!). It’s not a perfect list. It does not feature literally every (Japanese produced) BL game ever produced, the coverage of doujin titles is quite spotty (ex. not listing Gakuen Handsome until the recent re-release is a bit deceptive if you want to look at this as a timeline of major releases), fandisks and console ports are included pretty haphazardly. A few gay (“bara”) titles also have fairly inconsistent inclusion here as well (There are definitely a couple in here, but they’re not consistently included. It might be a doujin/commercial distinction going on or it could be related to marketing classification, I’m not sure, Cool-B didn’t really share their criteria for inclusion). Cell phone games are also not included unless they got a (Japanese) PC port. That said, I think it’d be pretty fair to say this is a list of just about every significant Japanese BL game release (and then some).

I’ve gone ahead and added titles released since the last title listed on the original list (Omerta Code Tycoon) and announced, but not yet released titles to make it a bit more up-to-date. The inconsistent inclusion of doujin titles has also resulted in the pretty glaring absence of the Love&Destroy’s titles, so I went ahead and added those. I’ll probably go back and clean it up some more going forward (and have been considering adding some failed/never released projects, although that’d be more limited to my own knowledge of that sort of thing).

Anyway! I hope someone else finds this interesting/useful in some way. I think the little summary chart I threw together at the end (I really hope I didn’t miscount any of that, lol) illustrates just what a weird, tiny niche BL games are right now pretty well though.

Some Notes:

Activity status: Brands/developers are listed as Defunct, Active or Unknown. Defunct brands have not produced or announced a title in several years. Active brands are brands which have either released a game recently or have a new title in development. Brands listed as Unknown are of questionable status, they may have released a game somewhat recently, but have no new projects in development (that are public knowledge at least).

Some specifics: I have Fareast Blade listed as Unknown because Ouka Otsu‘s status has become a bit questionable as of late. It’s dropped out of Cool-B since Kusunoki Yashiki no Monogatari was announced, the official site hasn’t been updated in over a year and the development team has gone rather quiet on the subject of the game. The drama CD they announced over the summer never materialized either. (Perhaps they’re having trouble securing a publisher/funding?).

Pil/SLASH is also in the Unknown category since they appear to have gone mostly dormant since Pigeon Blood with no new titles announced and the main staff are working under PIL-VAMP now. They haven’t officially retired the brand or disbanded it or anything (not that most of the defunct brands do that either), so there might be hope of them returning some day.

The latest issue of Cool-B confirms that Pil/SLASH is back! They have a new game in the works called Paradise with Love&Destroy’s writer.

I also have MesuDanshi listed as Unknown since, well, to be frank most brands don’t make it past their first release and they have nothing else announced yet. The creative team sounds pretty optimistic though. Also, admittedly MesuDanshi is arguably not exactly a BL brand, but it seemed close enough to warrant listing.

Age rating classification: This is just pulled straight from the Cool-B chart. There are some weird ones though! Like you might notice a handful of titles listed as just “18+” and not “18+ Adult Only” those I believe are CERO Z rated titles rather than the PC game 18+ that isn’t regulated by a board like CERO.

Developer/Publisher/Brand listing: Again, this is pulled from what Cool-B listed titles as. I think their choices are a bit strange in the case of some console ports (crediting them to the port company, not the original devs), but I was too lazy to change it. Might do that later when I figure out a better way to list ports in general. Ports and this listing convention has inflated the game/active devs count per year in the summary table at the bottom a little bit depending on how you want to look at that.

AxBL’s Chain Blood removed since it turns out it’s a mobile game!

Title Developer Dev Status Release Date Platform Rating
Artificial Mermaid ~SILVER CHAOSⅡ~ VividColor Defunct 2004/02/27 PC 18+ Adult Only
愛と欲望は学園で あまなっとうぱふぇ Defunct 2006/12/28 PC 18+ Adult Only
蒼の刻印~BLUE TEMPEST~ マリンハート Defunct 2002/03/29 PC 18+ Adult Only
紅い夜、星の囁きを聴け Moon Parrot Defunct 2003/10/25 PC 18+ Adult Only
アニマムンディ終わりなき闇の舞踏 花梨エンターテイメント Defunct 2005/01/28 PC All Ages
Apocripha/0 STACK software Defunct 2001/07/27 PC All Ages
妖恋愛奇譚~神サマの堕し方~ マリンハート Defunct 2005/06/10 PC 18+ Adult Only
invisible sign-イス- lapin Defunct 2005/03/18 PC All Ages
invisible sign-イス- 眠れる森 lapin Defunct 2005/11/25 PC All Ages
Wings Innocent Blue Crescent Moon Defunct 2004/01/16 PC 18+ Adult Only
AM2:00~猫と月夜のブランコ~ あまなっとう Defunct 2005/11/25 PC 18+ Adult Only
S.S.D.S ~刹那の英雄~ STACK software Defunct 2005/05/20 PC All Ages
S-TRIPPER 岳生Disc Monoceros Defunct 2004/12/17 PC 18+ Adult Only
エトワールの方程式 ClearColor Defunct 2004/09/24 PC 18+ Adult Only
ESCAPE Adel Defunct 2001/09/28 PC 18+ Adult Only
Lしたいね! unicorn-b Defunct 2002/08/08 PC 18+ Adult Only
Angel’s Feather BlueImpact Defunct 2003/04/25 PC 18+ Adult Only
Angel’s Feather -琥珀の瞳- BlueImpact Defunct 2005/07/29 PS2 15+
Angel’s Feather -黒の残影- BlueImpact Defunct 2005/06/30 PS2 15+
Angel Knight フェレット Defunct 2003/08/22 PC 18+ Adult Only
冤罪 郎猫儿 Defunct 2002/10/11 PC 18+ Adult Only
冤罪 ファンディスク 郎猫儿 Defunct 2003/08/15 PC 18+ Adult Only
王子さま Lv1 Alice Blue Defunct 2001/06/22 PC All Ages
王子さまLv1.5 Alice Blue Defunct 2002/02/22 PC 18+ Adult Only
王子さまLV1 キッド Defunct 2002/03/20 PS All Ages
王子さまLV1.5~王子さまのたまご~ キッド Defunct 2003/02/20 PS All Ages
王子さまLv2 Alice Blue Defunct 2004/04/16 PC 18+ Adult Only
逢魔の森~異能者の学園~ マリンハート Defunct 2002/04/06 PC 18+ Adult Only
漢のためのバイブル THE 友情アドベン チャー~炎多留・魂~ D3 PUBLISHER Active 2003/10/30 PS2 All Ages
オメルタ~沈黙の掟~ 花梨シャノアールΩ Active 2011/04/22 PC 18+ Adult Only
オメルタ CODE:TYCOON 花梨シャノアールΩ Active 2013/12/27 PC 18+ Adult Only
オメルタ ~沈黙の掟~THE LEGACY 花梨シャノアールΩ Active 2014/11/20 PSP 17+
オメルタ CODE:TYCOON戒 花梨シャノアールΩ Active 2016/03/17 PS Vita 17+
俺の下であがけ Alice Blue Defunct 2002/11/29 PC 18+ Adult Only
俺の下でAGAKE D3 PUBLISHER Active 2007/06/21 PS2 17+
花蝕の罠 フェレット Defunct 2004/03/26 PC 18+ Adult Only
隠れ月 Alice Blue Defunct 2000/03/24 PC All Ages
夏幻の恋 PAPILIO Unknown 2013/09/27 PC 18+ Adult Only
翳りゆく教室 マリンハート Defunct 2007/11/26 PC 18+ Adult Only
籠ノ中の愛想曲 マリンハート Defunct 2005/01/21 PC 18+ Adult Only
カフェ・リンドバーグ ~ぼくらの恋愛心理学2~ アイン Defunct 2002/08/09 PC 18+ Adult Only
神様(仮)-カミサマカッコカリ -学園騒乱編 easy-peasy Unknown 2013/05/24 PC 18+ Adult Only
神様(仮)-カミサマカッコカリ -路地裏繚乱編 easy-peasy Unknown 2013/05/24 PC 18+ Adult Only
神無ノ鳥 すたじおみりす Defunct 2002/11/29 PC 18+ Adult Only
GUISARD ~僕らは想いを身に纏う~ SandalDash Defunct 2003/04/18 PC 18+ Adult Only
GUISARD・SHUFFLE ~僕らは想いを解き放つ~ SandalDash Defunct 2003/12/12 PC 18+ Adult Only
GUISARD ファンディスク ~僕らの想いを詰め込んで~ SandalDash Defunct 2004/03/26 PC 18+ Adult Only
GUISARD Revolution ~僕らは想いを身に纏う~ キッド Defunct 2005/03/03 PS2 15+
学園ヘヴン BOY’S LOVE SCRAMBLE! Spray Active 2002/08/02 PC 18+ Adult Only
学園ヘヴン ~BoysLoveScramble!~ プロトタイプ Active 2003/11/27 PS2, PSP, PS Vita 18+, 15+
学園ヘヴン おかわりっ! BOY’S LOVE ATTACK! インターチャネル Defunct 2005/02/24 PS2, PSP 15+
学園ヘヴン2 ~DOUBLE SCRAMBLE!~ Spray/プロトタイプ Active 2014/07/11 PC,PSP, PS Vita All Ages
学園ハンサム Special チーム欲求腐満 Active 2015/10/23 PC All Ages
学園番長 マリンハート Defunct 2002/12/27 PC 18+ Adult Only
学園Prince ~学園征服宣言~ boy’s software Defunct 2004/07/30 PC 18+ Adult Only
学園Prince~ファンディスク~ boy’s software Defunct 2005/02/25 PC 18+ Adult Only
GALTIA GRISEDGE Active 2015/09/18 PC 18+ Adult Only
鬼畜眼鏡 Spray Active 2007/07/20 PC 18+ Adult Only
鬼畜眼鏡R Spray Active 2009/03/27 PC 18+ Adult Only
きみスタ~きみとスタディ~ プリマヴェーラ Defunct 2006/04/27 PS2 15+
君と恋におちる季節 SWALLOWTAIL Defunct 2001/06/15 PC 18+ Adult Only
君の中のパラディアーム Chat Errant Defunct 2009/10/02 PC 18+ Adult Only
キラル盛 Nitro+CHiRAL Active 2008/01/25 PC All Ages
銀のエクリプス Nines fox Defunct 2008/07/31 PS2 17+
黒の十字架 ~per aspera~ フェレット Defunct 2004/07/16 PC 18+ Adult Only
華鬼 フェレット Defunct 2003/12/26 PC 18+ Adult Only
月下の契り マリンハート Defunct 2006/03/10 PC 18+ Adult Only
恋色の絵具 マリンハート Defunct 2005/09/22 PC 18+ Adult Only
恋時雨~八百八町夢物語~ マリンハート Defunct 2001/11/09 PC 18+ Adult Only
コイビト遊戯 PIL/SLASH Active 2007/08/24 PC 18+ Adult Only
仔羊捕獲ケーカク! スイートボーイズライフ アイディアファクトリー Active 2006/11/24 PS2 15+
Cox-Bax GIZMO Defunct 2003/09/25 PC 18+ Adult Only
最強彼氏。 Spray Active 2001/04/20 PC 18+ Adult Only
催眠の奏 マリンハート Defunct 2004/11/27 PC 18+ Adult Only
サイレントムーン SWALLOWTAIL Defunct 2002/07/26 PC 18+ Adult Only
桜坂一丁目一番地 unicorn-b Defunct 2006/02/17 PC 18+ Adult Only
桜雪 ピックス Defunct 2004/12/03 PC 18+ Adult Only
Si-Nis-Kanto Ands Unknown 2013/10/25 PC 18+ Adult Only
死神修行はじめました。 Monoceros Defunct 2005/12/30 PC 18+ Adult Only
私立大成学園物語 SWALLOWTAIL Defunct 2000/10/30 PC 18+ Adult Only
SILVER CHAOS VividColor Defunct 2002/07/26 PC 18+ Adult Only
SILVER CHAOS FANBOX ~ ETERNAL FANTASIA~ VividColor Defunct 2003/05/23 PC 18+ Adult Only
少年達の病棟 Singing Canary Defunct 2001/06/15 PC 18+ Adult Only
修業旅行~古都迷走地図~ MERRY BOYS Defunct 2005/05/25 PC 18+ Adult Only
修羅の筆 マリンハート Defunct 2002/07/05 PC 18+ Adult Only
新婚さん ~Sweet Sweet honeymoon~ BaseSon SPICE* Defunct 2007/12/21 PC 18+ Adult Only
神学校 -Noli me tangere- PIL/SLASH Active 2011/03/30 PC 18+ Adult Only
神学校-The Gift- PIL/SLASH Active 2012/02/10 PC 18+ Adult Only
SHINSENGUMI ~幕末幻想恋愛奇譚~ BARON Defunct 2005/07/01 PC 18+ Adult Only
JACKIN-ジャックイン- アイン Defunct 2004/08/13 PC 18+ Adult Only
jewel garden Whiteplum Defunct 2002/11/08 PC All Ages
Gian Carlo’s Lucky Happy Life Tennenouji Active 2011/08/05 PC 18+ Adult Only
ジャンのためなら世界を壊す Tennenouji Active 2012/04/08 PC 18+ Adult Only
純情ロマンチカ ~恋のドキドキ大作戦~ マーベラスエンターテ イメント Defunct 2008/11/27 PS2 15+
sweet pool Nitro+CHiRAL Active 2008/12/19 PC 18+ Adult Only
スーツを脱いだあと… RECIPIE Defunct 2002/08/30 PC 18+ Adult Only
好きなものは好きだからしょうがない!! ~First Limit~ プラチナれーべる Defunct 2000/08/10 PC 18+ Adult Only
好きなものは好きだからしょうがない!! -TARGET†NIGHTS- プラチナれーべる Defunct 2001/05/25 PC 18+ Adult Only
好きなものは好きだからしょうがない!! ~Rain~ プラチナれーべる Defunct 2002/05/17 PC 18+ Adult Only
好きなものは好きだからしょうがない!! ~FAN DISK~ プラチナれーべる Defunct 2003/04/25 PC 18+ Adult Only
好きなものは好きだからしょうがない!! +White Flower+ プラチナれーべる Defunct 2003/07/31 PC 18+ Adult Only
好きなものは好きだからしょうがない!! -FIRST LIMIT&TARGET†NIGHTS- Sukisyo! Episode #01+#02 インターチャネル Defunct 2004/03/25 PS2 18+
好きなものは好きだからしょうがない!! -RAIN- Sukisyo! Episode #03 インターチャネル Defunct 2004/10/21 PS2 18+
スキャンダラスラプソディ マリンハート Defunct 2001/09/07 PC 18+ Adult Only
スクエアな関係 -ぼくらの恋愛心理学3- アイン Defunct 2007/09/21 PC 18+ Adult Only
STAMPOUT Monoceros Defunct 2005/06/30 PC 18+ Adult Only
STEAL! Spray Active 2009/11/27 PC 18+ Adult Only
Spell Down Monoceros Defunct 2006/08/11 PC 18+ Adult Only
星海宝烈伝 Lucina Defunct 2003/04/11 PC 18+ Adult Only
セレスティン~光と影と宇宙海賊~ サイバーフロント Defunct 2002/08/30 PC 18+ Adult Only
セラフィム・スパイラル-少年の檻- b_works Defunct 2001/06/22 PC All Ages
絶対服従命令 郎猫儿 Defunct 2005/04/22 PC 18+ Adult Only
蒼黒の月 Moon Parrot Defunct 2001/05/25 PC 18+ Adult Only
蒼黒の月外伝~幻夜の書~ Moon Parrot Defunct 2002/05/10 PC 18+ Adult Only
蒼天の扉 マリンハート Defunct 2005/03/04 PC 18+ Adult Only
そして僕らは、…and he said Spray Active 2004/01/31 PC 18+ Adult Only
そして僕らは、…and he said インターチャネル Defunct 2005/06/30 PS2 18+
それが僕等の恋愛生活 OPERAHOUSE Defunct 2003/06/06 PC 18+ Adult Only
それが僕等の恋愛生活 Fan Disc OPERAHOUSE Defunct 2005/04/01 PC 18+ Adult Only
それが僕等の恋愛生活 温泉に行こう! OPERAHOUSE Defunct 2006/01/27 PC 18+ Adult Only
空の森~追憶ノ棲ム館~ すたじおみりす team L←→R Defunct 2004/04/02 PC 18+ Adult Only
大正メビウスライン LOVEDELIVERY Active 2012/12/21 PC 18+ Adult Only
大正メビウスライン PORTABLE&Vitable dramatic create Active 2014/02/27 PSP,PS Vita 17+
大正メビウスライン 帝都備忘録 LOVEDELIVERY Active 2015/12/18 PC 18+ Adult Only
大正浪漫事件簿 マリンハート Defunct 2002/10/18 PC 18+ Adult Only
体育教師 極 エフジー Defunct 2012/01/16 PC 18+ Adult Only
玉響 パルミエ Defunct 2006/11/24 PC 18+ Adult Only
揺蕩う刻 マリンハート Defunct 2004/05/21 PC 18+ Adult Only
Cherryblossom ~チェリーブロッサム~ TAKUYO Defunct 2004/03/26 PC, Dreamcast, PS2,PSP All Ages
喰蝶花 α-アルファ- Defunct 2006/03/31 PC 18+ Adult Only
憑神 -ツキガミ- LOVEDELIVERY Active 2007/03/02 PC 18+ Adult Only
帝国千戦記 郎猫儿 Defunct 2004/04/23 PC All Ages/18+ Adult Only
Take off!~これが僕らの選ぶ道~ b-Wings Defunct 2003/08/29 PC 18+ Adult Only
東京陰陽師~天現寺橋 怜の場合~ TYRANT Active 2014/06/27 PC 18+ Adult Only
東京陰陽師~天現寺橋 怜の場合~ V Edition dramatic create Active 2015/09/17 PS Vita 17+
咎狗の血 Nitro+CHiRAL Active 2005/02/25 PC 18+ Adult Only
咎狗の血 True Blood KADOKAWA Active 2008/05/29 PS2, PSP 17+
Daylight-朝に光の冠を- Senz Defunct 2008/03/28 PC All Ages
Debt~危ないプレジデント~ Saucy Soft Defunct 2006/03/24 PC 18+ Adult Only
ドーリィナイト パペット Defunct 2004/04/09 PC 18+ Adult Only
DRAMAtical Murder Nitro+CHiRAL Active 2012/03/23 PC 18+ Adult Only
DRAMAtical Murder re:connect Nitro+CHiRAL Active 2013/04/26 PC 18+ Adult Only
DRAMAtical Murder re:code デジターボ Defunct 2014/10/30 PS Vita 17+
NA-RA-KU~芸術的陵辱レッスン~ マリンハート Defunct 2003/01/24 PC 18+ Adult Only
弄り遊戯 マリンハート Defunct 2004/02/27 PC 18+ Adult Only
憎しみのRosette マリンハート Defunct 2003/03/28 PC 18+ Adult Only
新田祐克マルチメディアBOX GIGOLO ビブロス Defunct 2001/08/09 PC 18+ Adult Only
24時、君のハートは盗まれる ~怪盗ジェイド~ PINK CLOVER Defunct 2004/03/19 PC 18+ Adult Only
熱砂ノ楽園 VividColor Defunct 2010/08/27 PC 18+ Adult Only
NO,THANK YOU!!! parade Active 2013/06/28 PC 18+ Adult Only
HEARTNER HEARTS unicorn-b Defunct 2005/01/20 PC 18+ Adult Only
花町物語 VividColor Defunct 2005/08/26 PC 18+ Adult Only
花陰 – 堕ちた蜜華 – VividColor Defunct 2009/11/27 PC 18+ Adult Only
ハンクス・ワークショップ! エフジー Defunct 2004/12/17 PC 18+ Adult Only
裸執事 マーダー工房 Active 2011/09/16 PC 18+ Adult Only
裸執事ファンディスク ~やらしつじ&やさしつじ~ マーダー工房 Active 2013/11/15 PC 18+ Adult Only
薔薇ノ木ニ薔薇ノ花咲ク サイク・ロゼ Defunct 2003/02/21 PC 18+ Adult Only
薔薇ノ木ニ薔薇ノ花咲ク ファンディスク サイク・ロゼ Defunct 2003/09/26 PC 18+ Adult Only
薔薇ノ木ニ薔薇ノ花咲ク -Das Versprechen- インターチャネル/ クインロゼ Defunct 2006/06/15 PS2, PSP 15+
birdie~ぼくらの恋愛心理学~ アイン Defunct 2001/10/26 PC 18+ Adult Only
ひとつや物語 アイン Defunct 2005/11/21 PC All Ages
比翼は愛薊の彼方へ ~未了の因~ SandalDash Defunct 2006/11/24 PC 18+ Adult Only
比翼は愛薊の彼方へ ~久遠の想~ SandalDash Defunct 2007/08/10 PC 18+ Adult Only
比翼は愛薊の彼方へ ~連理の夢~ SandalDash Defunct 2008/09/12 PC 18+ Adult Only
PigeonBlood PIL/SLASH XXX Active 2014/10/03 PC 18+ Adult Only
ピヨたん ~ハウスキーパーはCuteな探偵~ Spray Active 2006/04/28 PC 18+ Adult Only
ピヨたん~お屋敷潜入☆大作戦!~ プロトタイプ Active 2008/08/14 PS2 17+
FANATICA CORE Defunct 2004/11/04 PC 18+ Adult Only
フレグランス・テイル TAKUYO Defunct 2001/02/16 PC All Ages
ぷり・プリ ~PRINCE×PRINCE~ あまなっとう Defunct 2005/06/17 PC 18+ Adult Only
Plastic Boys~水色のキモチ~ GAIA Defunct 2002/08/23 PC 18+ Adult Only
PLEASURE☆ BARON Defunct 2004/04/16 PC 18+ Adult Only
星のまほろば ジョルダン Defunct 2002/08/01 PS All Ages
紅色天井艶妖綺譚 LOVEDELIVERY Active 2008/08/29 PC 18+ Adult Only
紅色天井艶妖綺譚 ~藍丸捕物帳~ LOVEDELIVERY Active 2010/08/27 PC 18+ Adult Only
炎多留 T&M Defunct 2000/12/01 PC 18+ Adult Only
炎多留II 魂 ~男子局アナマル秘衝撃スクープ~ T&M Defunct 2002/10/24 PC 18+ Adult Only
炎多留III 潮-USHIO- T&M Defunct 2005/09/11 PC 18+ Adult Only
BOY×BOY ~私立光稜学院誠心寮~ キングレコード Defunct 1999/04/09 PC All Ages
bois~機械じかけの街~ 花梨エンターテイメント Defunct 2002/08/23 PC 18+ Adult Only
ボクの彼氏はジュリエット SandalDash Defunct 2002/10/11 PC 18+ Adult Only
僕の独裁者 マリンハート Defunct 2005/08/12 PC 18+ Adult Only
ぼくらの恋愛心理学fan’s disc アイン Defunct 2003/06/20 PC 18+ Adult Only
ぼくらはみんな、恋をする pekoe Defunct 2006/05/26 PC 18+ Adult Only
マギア・ミスティカ-精霊魔術士- b_works Defunct 2007/12/14 PC 15+ Only
マスカレード ~地獄学園SO/DO/MU~ PIL/SLASH Active 2006/05/26 PC 18+ Adult Only
迷家の檻 マリンハート Defunct 2005/04/29 PC 18+ Adult Only
身代わりの館 マリンハート Defunct 2003/10/10 PC 18+ Adult Only
みらくるのーとん Tennenouji Active 2006/12/27 PC 18+ Adult Only
Miracle No-ton Tadaima Zouryou Chuu! Tennenouji Active 2007/09/28 PC 18+ Adult Only
みらくるのーとん 願いを打ちこんで! Tennenouji Active 2008/04/30 PC 18+ Adult Only
ミラクルハート マリンハート Defunct 2001/08/03 PC 18+ Adult Only
みずたま BLT Unknown 2015/05/03 PC 18+ Adult Only
紫の焔 アイディアファクトリー Active 2008/11/27 PS2 12+
MESSIAH CORE-DUSK Defunct 2006/08/25 PC 18+ Adult Only
MESSIAH Paranoia ∞ Paradox CORE-DUSK Defunct 2008/08/08 PC 18+ Adult Only
メイド★はじめました ~ご主人様のお世話いたします~ VividColor Defunct 2007/12/28 PC 18+ Adult Only
召しませ王子サマ マリンハート Defunct 2002/09/13 PC 18+ Adult Only
森の記憶 マリンハート Defunct 2002/05/31 PC 18+ Adult Only
ライジングビート マリンハート Defunct 2001/12/07 PC 18+ Adult Only
Live×Evil 灼熱のエデマ EDGE Defunct 2005/10/28 PC 18+ Adult Only
Live×Evil 熱砂のプロメテウス EDGE Defunct 2007/02/09 PC 18+ Adult Only
楽園行 Alice Blue Defunct 2002/03/07 PC 18+ Adult Only
ラシエルの箱庭 -少年と解放の呪文- b_works Defunct 2004/07/30 PC 18+ Adult Only
ラッキードッグ1 Tennenouji Active 2009/06/10 PC 18+ Adult Only
Love Songを君に… フェレット Defunct 2003/07/25 PC 18+ Adult Only
Love Mission マリンハート Defunct 2006/01/27 PC 18+ Adult Only
ラブミーテンダー VividColor Defunct 2008/10/24 PC 18+ Adult Only
Lamento -BEYOND THE VOID- Nitro+CHiRAL Active 2006/10/27 PC 18+ Adult Only
Laughter Land 郎猫儿 Defunct 2006/10/27 PC 18+ Adult Only
臨海合宿 βp- ink Defunct 2007/10/26 PC 18+ Adult Only
Refine バラエティパッケージ Monoceros Defunct 2003/01/24 PC 18+ Adult Only
恋愛破局請負人 マリンハート Defunct 2004/09/24 PC 18+ Adult Only
彼女を寝取ったヤリチン男を雌堕ちさせるまで メス男子 Unknown 2016/07/29 PC 18+ Adult Only
Room No. 9 parade Active 2016/09/30 PC 18+ Adult Only
古書店街の橋姫 ADELTA Active 2016/08/13 PC 18+ Adult Only
罪ナル螺旋ノ檻 -Whispers of Iscariot- Spray Active 2016/05/27 PC 18+ Adult Only
貴方日記 Euforia BLobby Active 2016/05/27 PC 17+
Rakka Ten LOVE&DESTROY Active 2010/04/01 PC 15+
Cage -Open- LOVE&DESTROY Active 2011/08/12 PC 18+ Adult Only
Cage -Close- LOVE&DESTROY Active 2012/08/10 PC 18+ Adult Only
Psychedelic LOVE&DESTROY Unknown TBA PC 18+ Adult Only
オメガヴァンパイア 花梨シャノアールΩ Active 2016/12/02 PC 18+ Adult Only
きんとうか GRISEDGE Active 2017/3/17 PC 18+ Adult Only
復讐帝国 hobibox/fetish Active 2017/11/24 PC 18+ Adult Only
櫻華堕つ -神州機巧戦記- 極東ブレイド Unknown TBA PC 18+ Adult Only
Heimskringla TYRANT Active TBA PC 18+ Adult Only
スロウ・ダメージ(仮) Nitro+CHiRAL Active TBA PC 18+ Adult Only
患者Sの救済 マーダー工房 Active TBA PC 18+ Adult Only
New World Order LoveDelivery Active TBA PC 18+ Adult Only
ノンケ一発食べ放題 Astray Active 2017/04/28 PC 18+ Adult Only
聖・CRAIN学園 Tennenouji Active 2000/10/29 PC 18+ Adult Only
Paradise Pil/SLASH Active TBA PC 18+ Adult Only
魔法使いと天使と悪魔 Varenyett Active TBA PC 18+ Adult Only

A summary of releases and active developers by year

Year Games Active Devs Developers New Brands Dead Brands
1999 1 1 キングレコード  1  1
2000 4 4 Alice Blue, プラチナれーべる, SWALLOWTAIL, T&M, Tennenouji  5  0
2001 16 13 TAKUYO, Spray, プラチナれーべる, Moon Parrot, SWALLOWTAIL, Singing Canary, Alice Blue, b_works, STACK software, マリンハート, ビブロス, Adel, アイン  10  3
2002 28 20 Alice Blue, キッド, マリンハート, Moon Parrot, プラチナれーべる, SWALLOWTAIL, VividColor, ジョルダン, Spray, unicorn-b, アイン, GAIA, 花梨エンターテイメント, RECIPE, サイバーフロント, 郎猫儿, SandalDash, T&M, Whiteplum, すたじおみりす  12  6
2003 25 19 マリンハート, Monoceros, キッド, サイク•ロゼ, Luchina, SandalDash, BlueImpact, プラチナれーべる, VividColor, OPERAHOUSE, アイン, フェレット, 郎猫儿, b-Wings, GIZMO, Moon Parrot, D3 PUBLISHER, プロトタイプ 9  6
2004 27 22 Blue Crescent Moon, Spray, VividColor, マリンハート, PINK CLOVER, インターチャネル, フェレット, SandalDash, TAKUYO, すたじおみりす team L←→R, パペット, Alice Blue, BARON, 郎猫儿, boy’s software, b_works, アイン, ClearColor, CORE, ピックス, Monoceros, エフジー 11  9
2005 30 22 unicorn-b, マリンハート, 花梨エンターテイメント (spun off 花梨シャノアールΩ), インターチャネル, boy’s software, Nitro+CHiRAL, キッド, lapin, OPERAHOUSE, 郎猫儿, STACK software, MERRY BOYS, あまなっとう, BlueImpact, Monoceros, BARON, VividColor, T&M, EDGE, アイン  6  8
2006 20 20 OPERAHOUSE, マリンハート, unicorn-b, Saucy Soft, α-アルファ-, プリマヴェーラ, Spray, pecoe, PIL/SLASH, インターチャネル/ クインロゼ, Monoceros, CORE-DUSK, Nitro+CHiRAL, 郎猫儿, アイディアファクトリー, パルミエ, SandalDash, あまなっとうぱふぇ 6 10
2007 13 13 EDGE, LOVEDELIVERY, D3 PUBLISHER, Spray, SandalDash, PIL/SLASH, アイン, Tennenouji, βp- ink, マリンハート, b_works, BaseSon SPICE*, VividColor  3  7
2008 13 12 Nitro+CHiRAL, Senz, Tennenouji, KADOKAWA, Nines fox, CORE-DUSK, プロトタイプ, LOVEDELIVERY, SandalDash, VividColor, マーベラスエンターテ イメント, アイディアファクトリー  3  8
2009 5 4 Spray, Tennenouji, Chat Errant, VividColor  0  1
2010 3 3 VividColor, LOVEDELIVERY, Love&Destroy  1  1
2011 5 5 PIL/SLASH, 花梨シャノアールΩ (spun off from 花梨エンターテイメント), Tennenouji, マーダー工房, Love&Destroy  2  0
2012 6 6 エフジー, PIL/SLASH, Nitro+CHiRAL, Tennenouji, LOVEDELIVERY, Love&Destroy 0  1
2013 8 7 Nitro+CHiRAL, easy-peasy, parade, PAPILIO, Ands, マーダー工房, 花梨シャノアールΩ  4  3
2014 6 6 dramatic create, TYRANT, Spray/プロトタイプ, PIL/SLASH XXX, デジターボ, 花梨シャノアールΩ 1  1
2015 5 5 BLT, dramatic create, GRISEDGE, チーム欲求腐満*, LOVEDELIVERY  2  0
2016 7 6 花梨シャノアールΩ, Spray, BLobby, メス男子, ADELTA, parade  3  0
TBA 10 10 GRISEDGE, hobibox/fetish, 極東ブレイド, TYRANT, Nitro+CHiRAL, マーダー工房, LoveDelivery, Astray, Love&Destroy, Pil/Slash  3  n/a

Red: last year with a release for a brand (presumed/possibly defunct or no longer producing BL titles after this year’s releases)
Green: first year a brand appears (if they died the same year they’re just red)
Blue: port company (mostly)
*- Team Yokkyu Fuman should really be listed much earlier, but that’s where it shows up on this particular list

Some notes on companies & their relations

Note: this is not an exhaustive list or analysis of all brands mentioned in the list above. The notes are really just my observations, there’s a fair chance I’ve failed to notice some important and/or interesting things. Also the number of titles to a brand’s name is more of a ballpark number since it kinda depends on what you want to count (should ports/all ages versions count? what about content patches/add-ons? should I only count completed games or in-dev too? etc). Also this isn’t really in any particular order.

Alice Blue 2000-2004 Defunct Commercial 6 titles
Best known titles are probably Oujisama Lv. 1 and Ore no Shita de Agake. Many staff show up later at Pil/SLASH working on Masquerade and and Koibito Yuugi. Jinnai, who wrote Ore no Shita, went on to work with Tennenouji (scenario writer on Luckydog) and form otome brand Kalmia8.
 Amuse Craft (parent brand of several other eroge brands including Unison Shift)
Platinum Label 2000-2006 Defunct Commercial 5 titles (one series)
They made Sukisho! and that’s about it (not to suggest that it wasn’t a very successful/important series though).  If the core creative staff went on to do other things in the industry, they did it under different handles.
Visual Art’s (parent brand of Key, etc)
Spray 2001-present Active Commercial 10 titles
One of the oldest still active BL game brands. Best known for the Gakuen Heaven series and Kichiku Megane. They went dormant for about five years after STEAL! but returned with a sequel to Gakuen Heaven (an unusual move in modern BL games as it was an all-ages only release) and a darker 18+ title, Tsuminaru. They produce pretty traditional style BL.
WillPlus (a huge umbrella brand encompassing a lot of companies)
Langmaor 2002-2006 Defunct Commercial 4 titles
Shares some staff with Tennenouji (most notably Yura) and Amanatto. Probably best known for Enzai and Absolute Obedience.
Amanatto, Amanatto Parfait 2005-2007 Defunct Commercial 3 titles
Blue Crescent Moon 2004 Defunct Commercial 1 title
Hobibox (another big umbrella brand/distributor)
easy-peasy 2013 Defunct Commercial 2 titles (one series)
Unfortunately seems to have been a failed experiment. Their only release was the two halves of Kamisama (Kari) which was notable for a couple things: one, it was a split release as was fashionable for some reason in 2013 (game split into two half-price thematic units released at the same time or in short succession, another Hobi brand, Pure-Wool, did this with Jooubachi no Oubou too) and two it had some interesting gameplay mechanics from being able to chose from two different age versions of the MC in each half of the game and having seme/uke options for every scene. I guess it failed to impress though.
LoveDelivery 2007-Present Active Commercial 6 titles
Their recent title Taisho Mebiusline has been a massive success. Has very close creative ties with its sister brands.
TYRANT 2014-Present Active Commercial 2 titles
Dunno what to say beyond Tokyo Onmyouji not being nearly as popular as Taisho Mebiusline.
hobibox/fetish 2016* Active Commercial 1 title (in development)
Hasn’t released anything yet, but they announced their first title, Fukushuu Teikoku, in 2016. The stated objective of the brand is to produce more sex-focused works. They hired noted male eromanga artist Kei Mizuryu to illustrate their first title.
Some general notes about Holicworks: I have to go look up the interview I vaguely recall reading this in again to double check this but I *believe* this entire sub-group under Hobi is helmed by a single producer who’s (a/the?) creative lead in LoveDelivery. LoveDelivery and TYRANT have a very close relationship though (iirc Tokyo Onmyouji and Mebiusline‘s stories are related?). Both LoveDelivery and TYRANT lean more traditional, while hobibox/fetish (seems to be at least) leaning more into the 男性向け-style side of things.
ClockUp (under Hobi through ~2014, now independent) parade 2013-Present Active Commercial 2 titles
Probably the most noteworthy thing about parade in general is that, unlike most BL brands under 男性向け eroge companies, parade shares all of its staff with ClockUp. It’s not isolated from the rest of the company. The staff all do regular work with ClockUp as well. Why’s this noteworthy? Well, I think it’s a big contributing factor to parade’s somewhat unique approach to BL.
Astray 2016* Active Commercial 1 title (in development)
Not 100% confirmed that they’re under Hobi, but the HobiGirls Twitter account keeps RTing them, so it seems like a reasonable assumption.
Nitro+CHiRAL  2005-Present Active Commercial 8 titles
It’s N+C, I don’t think they require much introduction. Togainu drastically changed the BL game landscape. One thing I would note is that I have serious doubts that Kabura Fuchii is a single person (at least not anymore). The presentation of staff starting around DMMd shifted pretty drastically from more in-depth, personal comments to broad and generic information from “staff” (not to mention the state of DMMd‘s script itself being highly suggestive of multiple writers (not that multiple writers is a bad thing, I just think “Kabura” is more of a marketing thing than an actual credit)––but that’s a subject for a different post!)
CORE, CORE-DUSK 2001-2008 Defunct Commercial 4 titles
Probably best known for game’s featuring Carnelian’s art.
 Karin Entertainment (I think there has to be another company over them but I’m not sure what it is)
 Karin Entertainment 2005-present Active (not in BL) Commercial 1 (BL) title
They haven’t done anything resembling BL since Animamundi, presumably shunted any of that off to the Chatnoir Omega sub-brand instead.
 Karin Chatnoir Omega 2011-present Active Commercial 3 titles
Best known for the Omerta series and soon Omega Vampire. They are a more “traditional” brand of the current crop of active developers.
Cyc (technically the parent company is called something else but for simplicity)
Cyc Rosé 2003-2010 Defunct Commercial 2 titles
Only ever produced Bara no Ki ni Bara no Hanasaku and its fandisk + ports. Matsuri Kusaka (who would later go on to write Shingakkou for Pil/SLASH) wrote and illustrated BaraKi.
Palmiers 2006-2014 Defunct Commercial 1 title
Brand only released one title (and re-released it several times). Tamayura had a bunch of writers on it, including Akihiko Hanada (Hunks Workshop).
Pil/SLASH, Pil/SLASH XXX 2006-2014 Active Commercial 6 titles
Initially started out with a number of Alice Blue staff, but staff have cycled around several times since then (for example Shingakkou shares essentially no creative staff with Pigeon Blood). Their most famous and critically acclaimed work is Shingakkou by a long shot (Kusaka probably deserves more of the credit for that than P/S tbh). Pigeon Blood seems to have been a horrific production disaster on a lot of levels. They spun off the Pil/SLASH XXX brand explicitly for that release, meaning for it to be more “hardcore” sexual content, but initial plans for the title seem to have been scrapped (possibly related to whatever happened to cause the lead writer to drop out shortly before the game’s release and be replaced with several new writers + causing a lengthy delay). The remaining creative staff at P/S seem to have all moved on to their recently established sister otome game brand, Pil-VAMP, leaving P/S dormant or possibly abandoned. The brand’s future is extremely unclear at the moment.
Lune (nukige brand)
Mesu Danshi 2016 Unkown Commercial 1 title
Officially, they consider themselves a 男性向け brand and don’t even consider their game(s) BL.
 Tennenouji 2000-present Active Doujin(ish?) 8 titles
Most famous for the Luckydog series which is perpetually the most popular game in Cool-B. The Luckydog series honestly confuses the shit out of me in terms of what releases are what, so I really don’t know what to make of it other than it’s very popular. Ties to Langmaor.
 Odessa Project (they’re more of a distributor/publisher than parent brand afaik)
 Mada Labo 2011-present Active Doujin(ish) 3 titles
 Technically Mada Labo is the umbrella brand for Togo Mito’s projects with Mada Koubou being the actual imprint Hadaka Shitsuji was published under, but the distinction is pretty trivial considering he has no other brands at the moment. In 2013? A sub-brand called Claw/Mark was announced with a game, Tenrin no Guneval, but after years with no updates, it eventually evaporated in late 2015 or early 2016 I can’t quite recall.

This isn’t quite complete but good enough for now.

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