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Category: Anime

Sarazanmai Theory Megapost

Privatter’s getting kind of annoying for this so I thought I’d actually use my blog. I’ve installed a spoiler hiding plugin so anything related to material from the novel for eps 4+ should be [ads_blur_spoiler color_blur=”#000000″]tagged/hidden[/ads_blur_spoiler], but if you’re extremely spoiler-phobic I would recommend not reading this post because my speculation is going to be colored by knowledge from the novels regardless. A lot of this is just reiterated or copied and edited from my Twitter musings and privatter speculation posts btw.


Some Notes on Yuri!!! On Ice’s Costumes

I sperged about this on Twitter earlier today but figured I should probably throw it up on the blog too after all. For some quick background: one of the many realistic details the staff behind Yuri!!! On Ice went for was commissioning designs for the skaters’ performance costumes from a professional ice skating costume designer, Chacott’s Yuiko Sagiri (apologies if the first name reading is wrong). As a cross-promotional type thing, the company the designer belongs to has been posting interviews about the design process each week to talk about the costumes that appear in the episodes. The designs were…

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