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Room No. 9 – Official Site Up

The official site for Room No. 9 has updated to reveal the key visual and character profiles. It’s also still slated for a 2016 summer release (probably late summer though).

Most of the information isn’t terribly new but here it is anyway:


When I woke up, I found myself in an unfamiliar room.

My best friend and I were using our summer vacation to go on a ten-day trip. We boarded a bus from the airport and were enjoying the sights of Okinawa when––

That’s the last thing I remember.

We’re in a hotel? Did we fall asleep in the bus…?

But the door to the room wouldn’t open, and what I thought were windows, were actually screens displaying scenes of the outside. We searched the room for any kind of clue about where we were, only to find another screen, this one displaying a cold and merciless sentence:

“You have been selected as subjects for a behavioral analysis experiment.”

In order to escape the room, every day we are forced to select one exercise from a list and complete it as instructed.
At minimum it’ll be ten days, ten choices.
We have two options:

Allow your friend to physically injure you,
or use your friend’s body, wounding him emotionally.

At the mercy of these cruel and inhuman choices, we came to the conclusion––


Daichi Kobayashi
Age: 21
Blood Type: O
Height: 172cm (5’8″)

“I can survive minus an arm after all. You know that, right?”

A cheerful, kind and carefree young man. Also the protagonist of the story. Some people might consider him a loser, but when the going gets tough he can step up to the plate.
He’s not a very fussy person in general.
He’s in his senior year of college at a public university on a scholarship. He wants to become an elementary school teacher.
He has no family or relatives to speak of.

He’s heterosexual and rather uninhibited sexually. He’s quick to fall in love. He has a tendency to get himself involved with rather unkind women and with his girlfriend just having two-timed him and then left, he decided to go on a vacation with Seiji with some tickets he got a deal on.

He’d never admit it, but he thinks of Seiji as his dearest friend and he believes Seiji feels the same way about him.

Seiji Azumi
Age: 21
Blood Type: AB
Height: 176cm (5’9″)

“If neither option is going to be pleasant, I’d much rather chose the option that won’t leave permanent damage.”

A calm and intelligent young man. The second son of a government official and member of an upper class family. He’s a senior at a fairly prestigious private university. He’s an honest, kind-hearted and well-mannered person, but he isn’t one to actively seek out other people.

He’s heterosexual and while it goes without saying that he’s popular with members of the opposite sex, being such a catch with no perceptible flaws, he’s rather uptight and hasn’t had very many partners.

Daichi has been his best friend since middle school. He’d never admit it, but he thinks of Daichi as his dearest friend and he believes Daichi feels the same way about him.

[EDIT] So, Amemiya dropped a couple tweets regarding Room No. 9’s content:

tl;dr there’s not going to be a lot of guro but there will be some guro and unless this is just a hypothetical about an on/off display function for scat and guro (like many of ClockUp’s other games) there’s gonna be some scat. Amemiya also notes that watersports don’t count as scat (wrt the on/off display function). So much for “roughly as spicy as NTY”! lol

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