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Room No. 9: May Cool-B Info


A kind anon found scans of the Cool-B feature on weibo, so here’s what we know now:

The Premise

Two close friends use their summer vacation to go on a trip together. They awaken to find themselves trapped in a secret room. There’s a monitor displaying a cruel and robotic message: “You have been selected as subjects in a behavioral analysis experiment,” and every day it presents them with challenges… Can [Daichi] let his best friend hurt him? Can he toy with his best friend and break him?

The Characters

Kobayashi Daichi (The Protagonist)
He has no family or other relatives. He went to college on a scholarship to become an elementary school teacher. He’d never admit it, but he thinks of Seiji as his dearest friend.

Azumi Seiji (The “Heroine”)
He’s been friends with Daichi since middle school. Currently he’s attending a different university, but they hang out when they can. He’d never admit it, but he thinks of Daichi as his dearest friend.

Comments from Director Amemiya

It’s a story about two straight best friends being kidnapped together and forced to commit unthinkable acts. [Daichi is forced to] do things neither party wants to the affable, bespectacled young man. Rich sex scenes are the main focus along with the way their relationship slowly becomes twisted. We have over 15 sex scenes planned, and while the nature of the “twistedness” isn’t particularly extreme, we’re preparing a lot of variations. There are both serious and light-hearted scenes as well, not a lot of romance, and while the seme-protagonist might say things like, “I don’t mind being on the bottom,” it never actually goes there. There’s hair too. If any of this sounds interesting to you, I hope we don’t disappoint!

While the game being about a closed room situation with only two characters makes it seem very likely that it is indeed a half-price title, it’s not explicitly confirmed anywhere. Not-a-lot-of-romance and a seme protag open to switching (but never going there for fear of fujo wrath I imagine) seem to be things Amemiya’s particularly into. No cast info yet. Anyway, tl;dr BL euphoria (although it doesn’t sound like they’re getting too crazy with the fetish stuff).

General Info

Title: Room No. 9
Planning/direction/script: Amemiya Mitsuru
Art: Nikaido Shino (speculated to be Norizane)
Scenario: Sawa Masaki (Hiroyuki’s route writer from NTY!!!)
Release date: Summer 2016


From Cool-B Vol. 67 (released 4/4/2016)


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  1. prprmeister prprmeister

    The premise and story sound right up my alley so I’ll probably buy this. I also hope a certain VN localization company will get this Parade game too (which I’ll buy too of course).
    Parade is slowly shaping up to be my favorite VN company, bless those lovely people.

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