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Note about e-mail

I dunno if the people in question will see this, but on the off chance that they will: if you e-mailed me recently from a Gmail address, I’m not ignoring you! I’ve been trying to reply but I can’t right now because Google’s been bouncing my mail, Hopefully I’ll be able to fix it soon!

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Sarazanmai Theory Megapost

Privatter’s getting kind of annoying for this so I thought I’d actually use my blog. I’ve installed a spoiler hiding plugin so anything related to material from the novel for eps 4+ should be [ads_blur_spoiler color_blur=”#000000″]tagged/hidden[/ads_blur_spoiler], but if you’re extremely spoiler-phobic I would recommend not reading this post because my speculation is going to be colored by knowledge from the novels regardless. A lot of this is just reiterated or copied and edited from my Twitter musings and privatter speculation posts btw.


Profile: IDOLiSH7’s Producer Negishi Ayaka

So, I was digging around for some background research on another thing when I stumbled upon the Bandai Namco Online staff introduction page for IDOLiSH7’s producer––whose name I really hope I’m reading right––Negishi Ayaka. Her little introduction story (while definitely a bit of PR for Bandai––so you probably want to take some of the glowing praise for the company with a grain of salt) was actually pretty interesting (and rather sweet) so I thought I’d share it. This profile’s from like early 2016? I believe. The page isn’t dated but she mentions ~6 months since the game’s launch. Also I…

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Kalima8’s New Game: Ohimesama Datte XXX Shitai!! –– Even Princesses Wanna Get it On!!

Kalmia8 revealed their next game today: Ohimesama Datte XXX Shitai!! which is something like Even Princesses Wanna Get it On!! You can check out the official site here. I figured I’d do a quick TL of some of the website stuff since it’s a pretty unusual premise for an otome title. First off, basic details: Title: Ohimesama Datte XXX Shitai!! – Horny Magical Princess Developer: Kalmia8 Release date: March 30th, 2018 Artists: Izumi Haruto(?一純晴人), Izumi Makoto (SD art) Writers: Wakabayashi Koutarou, Mizukami Neon Directors: AKOU, Jinnai Official site: The premise is that the MC is a princess from a magical world…

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An Overview of Adult Otome Games

So, like the BL chart I threw up here before, I mostly cribbed this from the Cool-B award listing for this category. Being that this is the adult otome game category, everything’s 18+ (or has an 18+ version) so I didn’t bother listing platform or age rating since they’re all 18+ PC titles (or should be at least!). Also like the Cool-B BL chart, this is missing doujin titles. I’ll try to add some later if I think about it. All I really did was reformat it, throw in vndb links and add more recently released or announced titles that weren’t…

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Crap I’ve been reading

I’ve actually been reading manga lately so I thought I should blog about it. Let’s start with the stuff that isn’t porn! ヲタクに恋は難しい (Love Ain’t Easy for Nerds) by ふじた (Fujita) A funny and sweet romantic comedy about nerds who work in an office together. I bet you’re thinking it’s a four panel series but it’s not! ( ; ゚Д゚) I really don’t know what else to say about it other than it’s legit v. cute and funny. A lot of really on-point jokes about cosplay too (well at least in my experience, lol). I think it won one of the…

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