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Profile: IDOLiSH7’s Producer Negishi Ayaka

So, I was digging around for some background research on another thing when I stumbled upon the Bandai Namco Online staff introduction page for IDOLiSH7’s producer––whose name I really hope I’m reading right––Negishi Ayaka. Her little introduction story (while definitely a bit of PR for Bandai––so you probably want to take some of the glowing praise for the company with a grain of salt) was actually pretty interesting (and rather sweet) so I thought I’d share it. This profile’s from like early 2016? I believe. The page isn’t dated but she mentions ~6 months since the game’s launch. Also I…

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Kalima8’s New Game: Ohimesama Datte XXX Shitai!! –– Even Princesses Wanna Get it On!!

Kalmia8 revealed their next game today: Ohimesama Datte XXX Shitai!! which is something like Even Princesses Wanna Get it On!! You can check out the official site here. I figured I’d do a quick TL of some of the website stuff since it’s a pretty unusual premise for an otome title. First off, basic details: Title: Ohimesama Datte XXX Shitai!! – Horny Magical Princess Developer: Kalmia8 Release date: March 30th, 2018 Artists: Izumi Haruto(?一純晴人), Izumi Makoto (SD art) Writers: Wakabayashi Koutarou, Mizukami Neon Directors: AKOU, Jinnai Official site: The premise is that the MC is a princess from a magical world…

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An Overview of Adult Otome Games

So, like the BL chart I threw up here before, I mostly cribbed this from the Cool-B award listing for this category. Being that this is the adult otome game category, everything’s 18+ (or has an 18+ version) so I didn’t bother listing platform or age rating since they’re all 18+ PC titles (or should be at least!). Also like the Cool-B BL chart, this is missing doujin titles. I’ll try to add some later if I think about it. All I really did was reformat it, throw in vndb links and add more recently released or announced titles that weren’t…

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Crap I’ve been reading

I’ve actually been reading manga lately so I thought I should blog about it. Let’s start with the stuff that isn’t porn! ヲタクに恋は難しい (Love Ain’t Easy for Nerds) by ふじた (Fujita) A funny and sweet romantic comedy about nerds who work in an office together. I bet you’re thinking it’s a four panel series but it’s not! ( ; ゚Д゚) I really don’t know what else to say about it other than it’s legit v. cute and funny. A lot of really on-point jokes about cosplay too (well at least in my experience, lol). I think it won one of the…

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On the Rise of 男性向け-style BL

So, I had a few things I wanted to look at in particular by putting together that dumb BL game list, mostly looking at where trends in the genre seemed to start and die out. None of this is anything approaching a scientific analysis of trends and (as I described up at the top of the list post) this data has some flaws to begin with, but here’s one of the things I noticed:

The rise of 男性向け-style BL

Games in this category: Hadaka Shitsuji, No, Thank You!!!Kanojo wo Netotta Yarichin Otoko Mesu Ochisaseru Made, Room No. 9, Fukushuu Teikoku, Nonke Ippatsu Tabehoudai, The Salvation of Patient S


An Overview of BL Games

Here’s a (non-exhaustive, but pretty thorough list) of BL games that exist! I was going to write something about trends and whatnot but wanted to do at least some cursory fact checking to make sure I wasn’t just basing my observations on a skewed data set (i.e. only games I actually pay attention to), so I threw this together since VNDB and EGS are both shit when it comes to 女性向け titles (VNDB surprisingly had listings for almost all of these, but the way the tags are, pulling a list like this out of VNDB would have been awful). I already forgot what I was going to write about/got distracted by interesting things while putting the list together, so I’ll probably get to that later!

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Nonke Ippatsu Tabehoudai from Astray

So, it looks like we’ve got another new BL brand with a more traditional eroge aesthetic! Astray’s first title is Nonke Ippatsu Tabehoudai (something like… All-You-Can-Eat Straight Guy Buffet? I can’t think of anything good). The staff is a total mystery and the website has limited information on it so far. They have an article in next week’s Cool-B, so presumably more will be revealed then. Interestingly, whoever runs the official Twitter uses 俺, so maybe it’s a dude-run brand? Correction: Nevermind, I’m dumb and the Twitter’s supposed to be in the voice of the MC! Anyway, looks interesting. Stuff from the official site under the break:

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