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Mashou Megane: May Cool-B Info

So the big reveal this month was the cast and the fact that they’re planning a Summer 2016 release. Most of the guys are situation CD VAs. When the Cool-B staff wonders if the game will end up being unexpectedly “normal” based on what they’ve released so far, apparently PIL-VAMP replied, “Oh no, we’re just hiding it still!” Here’s the cast list: Akazawa Karen (Protag): Ayumi Sara (歩サラ) Oujisama:Sawa Manaka (佐和真中 who, if I’m not mistaken, is Nakazawa Masatomo 中澤まさとも?) Peach:Shinzenryoku (Apparently that’s how you read 深川緑) Cider:Kuroi Yuu (黒井勇) Doutei:Yajima Noboru (やじまのぼる or his EGS page) Old Man: Inde Goro (井出五郎) Old…

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Room No. 9: May Cool-B Info

A kind anon found scans of the Cool-B feature on weibo, so here’s what we know now: The Premise Two close friends use their summer vacation to go on a trip together. They awaken to find themselves trapped in a secret room. There’s a monitor displaying a cruel and robotic message: “You have been selected as subjects in a behavioral analysis experiment,” and every day it presents them with challenges… Can [Daichi] let his best friend hurt him? Can he toy with his best friend and break him? The Characters Kobayashi Daichi (The Protagonist) He has no family or other relatives.…

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Upcoming BL Game: Tsuminaru Rasen no Ori – Whispers of Iscariot –

Spray’s first completely new game in ages. The features that have been running on this title in Cool-B at least have been pretty damn sparse. They’ve only released a handful of CGs. It’s a… semi-mid-price? title at around 6k with a pretty limited cast. It’s described as a Love-Hate-Triangle game and iirc it has “triangle” endings as well. Title: Tsuminaru Rasen no Ori (“The Spiral Prison of Sin” or something like that) Developer: Spray Character Design: Ciel Scenario: Fuyuno Jinko Storyboarding: Mahiro Kou Art: Ciel, Nana Hiroi, Hatobane Raika Release Date: 5/27/2016 Platform: Windows, Android (later) Website: Story 1895: The…

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Mashou Megane – Archive Post

The first game from PIL-VAMP, a new R18 otome brand spun off from the BL brand Pil/Slash. The lead scenario-writer was one of the late additions to the Pigeon Blood staff (which may not bode terribly well for this…?). Staff concerns aside it sounds like a fun title. PIL-VAMP say they’re already planning a second title too. Title: Mashou Megane (“Magical Glasses” I can’t think of a catchy TL so I’m just leaving it) Developer: PIL-VAMP Art: Kotomi Youji Scenario: Kyan Yonesuke Producer: Kinyama Jun Release date: TBA Platform: Windows Website: Premise The protagonist is a college student who is in the middle…

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The Salvation of Patient S – Archive Post

Togo Mito’s next project. It appears to be based on one of the concepts from his Legend of the Tentacles book of game concepts released way back in 2012. Formally announced in Cool-B Vol. 64 (released 10/3/2015). It will be a multi-platform release just like Hadaka Shitsuji -Past Edition-. Togo Mito insists that this is a more serious title this time (really he swears!!) but no one seems to believe him. Title: The Salvation of Patient S Developer: Mada Koubou Planning/Art: Togo Mito Scenario: Akanuma Yamato* & Togo Mito** Release date: Winter 2016/Spring 2017 Platform: Windows, OSX, Android Website: *赤沼大和- not…

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Parade’s new game: Room No. 9

Haven’t blogged in a million years but I wanted to put info on this somewhere: Parade, developers of No, Thank You!!! sorta pre-announced their new game with a postcard recently. I’m guessing there was more info on the back because 2ch also reports that it’s a mid-price title––so a 4000 yen range rather than an 8000 yen range game (so probably shorter/fewer routes). Title: Room No. 9 Planning/direction/script: Amemiya Mitsuru Art: Nikaido Shino Scenario: Sawa Masaki Release date: Summer 2016 Tagline: “I wish we could have stayed friends.” (or something like that idk context) Both Amemiya and Sawa are back from…

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