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Fukushu Teikoku / Revenge Empire

The debut game from a new brand of Holicworks (parent company of LoveDelivery and TYRANT), hobibox/fetish, Fukushu Teikoku – Revenge Empire (or something like that idk, I’m going w/ the romanji for now). Like I mentioned before in my other blurbs on this game, the big draw is that it’s got art by eromanga artist, Mizuryu Kei. It’s set to be a sex-heavy game with a seme protagonist. I’m intrigued, though I do kinda wish the space nazis looked a little more space and a little less nazi, but these are early character designs, so they might change.

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Room No. 9: Rules of the Game

The Room No. 9 site updated with what looks to be a complete outline of the rules of the “game”––I mean, experiment. Also of note (although somewhat old news now), the game has a release date: September 30th. Voice actors will be announced next week in Cool-B. Amemiya mentioned on twitter that the staff’s favorite pick for Daichi was rejected in favor of their #2 pick because he fit Amemiya’s vision of the character better while Amemiya agreed with their #1 for Seiji. Anyway, I guess we’ll find out who they are next week! I’m bored so here’s a translation…


Room No.9 July Cool-B Interview w/ Director Amemiya

Thank you to the anon on /blog/ who dug scans up on weibo! Most of the other information is repeated from the website update, but there’s a lengthy interview with Amemiya about the game with some interesting details this time. Might make some corrections later since I cranked this out pretty fast but anywho:

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Recent Things

I’m trying to be less lazy and write about some of the stuff I’ve been playing. I suspect it’s not going to work because I am extremely lazy, but anywho here’s some thoughts about some of the games I played recently…

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