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Author: Good_Haro

An Overview of BL Games

Here’s a (non-exhaustive, but pretty thorough list) of BL games that exist! I was going to write something about trends and whatnot but wanted to do at least some cursory fact checking to make sure I wasn’t just basing my observations on a skewed data set (i.e. only games I actually pay attention to), so I threw this together since VNDB and EGS are both shit when it comes to 女性向け titles (VNDB surprisingly had listings for almost all of these, but the way the tags are, pulling a list like this out of VNDB would have been awful). I already forgot what I was going to write about/got distracted by interesting things while putting the list together, so I’ll probably get to that later!

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Nonke Ippatsu Tabehoudai from Astray

So, it looks like we’ve got another new BL brand with a more traditional eroge aesthetic! Astray’s first title is Nonke Ippatsu Tabehoudai (something like… All-You-Can-Eat Straight Guy Buffet? I can’t think of anything good). The staff is a total mystery and the website has limited information on it so far. They have an article in next week’s Cool-B, so presumably more will be revealed then. Interestingly, whoever runs the official Twitter uses 俺, so maybe it’s a dude-run brand? Correction: Nevermind, I’m dumb and the Twitter’s supposed to be in the voice of the MC! Anyway, looks interesting. Stuff from the official site under the break:

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Some Notes on Yuri!!! On Ice’s Costumes

I sperged about this on Twitter earlier today but figured I should probably throw it up on the blog too after all. For some quick background: one of the many realistic details the staff behind Yuri!!! On Ice went for was commissioning designs for the skaters’ performance costumes from a professional ice skating costume designer, Chacott’s Yuiko Sagiri (apologies if the first name reading is wrong). As a cross-promotional type thing, the company the designer belongs to has been posting interviews about the design process each week to talk about the costumes that appear in the episodes. The designs were…

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Fukushu Teikoku / Revenge Empire

The debut game from a new brand of Holicworks (parent company of LoveDelivery and TYRANT), hobibox/fetish, Fukushu Teikoku – Revenge Empire (or something like that idk, I’m going w/ the romanji for now). Like I mentioned before in my other blurbs on this game, the big draw is that it’s got art by eromanga artist, Mizuryu Kei. It’s set to be a sex-heavy game with a seme protagonist. I’m intrigued, though I do kinda wish the space nazis looked a little more space and a little less nazi, but these are early character designs, so they might change.

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Room No. 9: Rules of the Game

The Room No. 9 site updated with what looks to be a complete outline of the rules of the “game”––I mean, experiment. Also of note (although somewhat old news now), the game has a release date: September 30th. Voice actors will be announced next week in Cool-B. Amemiya mentioned on twitter that the staff’s favorite pick for Daichi was rejected in favor of their #2 pick because he fit Amemiya’s vision of the character better while Amemiya agreed with their #1 for Seiji. Anyway, I guess we’ll find out who they are next week! I’m bored so here’s a translation…